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aired live on May 16, 2020

a Feeding America charity event


A rambunctious teenaged girl grows tired of people saying she can't do things because of her gender and turns her love of space into a mission to be the first of her kind in orbit.

Narrated by Allison Scarlet Jaye

Marley Gonzales as Charlotte

César Carmona as Sam

Gabriel Maddox Maier as Wyatt

Tiffany Berube as Miss Hutton

Tobie Windham as Gunny

Nicole Stott as Sally Resnick

Vishesh Chachra as George Grant

Nicolas Hedges as Braden Grant

Lara Maria Silva as Jan Davis

Leanna Tallmeister as Karen /  Child

Nate Leykam as Tour Guide /

Bearded  Controller / Elderly

Officer / Hector / News Reporter

Ben Boles as Steven

Mickey Casab as Biker Dude /

Mohawked Controller / News

Anchor / Voice

Ryan March as Scott / Child / Portly

Controller / Tyler

Suzanne Gutierrez as Fran / Jess

Danielle Dallas Roosa as Trisha Kim / Audience Member / Loudspeaker /

News Reporter

Amy Geist as Doris / Lila / Child /

Elderly Controller

Erin Coleman as Audience / Bespectacled Controller / Crew Member / News Reporter / Reporter

Anthony Marquez as Child / Matri'd /

Young Controller

Tom Michelsen as Delivery Guy / Engineer / Moderator / Tower

Allison Scarlet Jaye as Min Ki-Jung

Joe Gonzales as FAA Inspector

Promo by Ben Boles

Photo by Nikola Knezevic via Unsplash
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