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Love & Parsecs

a Feeding America charity event

aired live on May 4, 2020


Narrated by Suzanne Cotsakos

Matthew Swanson as Mark

Nicole Dambro as Carrie

Thomas Ochoa as Anthony

Nathanael Martinez as Daniel

Emilio Rosal as Kenny

Mickey Casab as Hayden

Erin Coleman as Rose

Amy Geist as Sam

Eric Womack as Ewan

Danielle Mason as Natalie

Andre Mathieu as Bill

Henry Alexander Kelly as Frank

Randy Naegele as James

Jared Bonner as Lucas

Jesse Heiman as Ahmed

César Carmona as Chris

Randy Naegele as Lawrence

Johnny C as Silas

Marley Gonzales as JJ

Raymond Ma as Irvin

Tiffany Berube as Craigslist Girl / Kathleen / Housewife / Party Goer / Paramedic

Promo by Ben Boles

Photo by NeONBRAND via Unsplash
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