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aired live April 17, 2020

Narrated by Nicole Dambro

Matthew Garcia as Fred

Tiffany Berube as Delilah

Emilio Rossal as Hector

Suzanne Cotsakos as Lydia

Melody Peng as Jenny

Lindy Loundagin as Helen

Henry Alexander Kelly as Amadeus

Cate Garcia as Olivia

Lys Perez as Penelope / Elizabeth

Erin Coleman as Kimberly

César Carmona as Juan

Mickey Casab as Carlos / Delivery Man / Guest

Matthew Swanson as Tom / Frat Guy

Vishesh Chachra as Buddy / Patron

Andre Mathieu as Customer / Secretary

Raymond Ma as Presenting Coworker

Nicole Dambro as Female Customer

Photo by Lasse Bergqvist via Unsplash
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