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Bradford N. Smith


Encouraged to do anything that kept him quiet, Bradford N. Smith wrote and illustrated a children’s book, enjoyed a brief modeling career, ran in two political campaigns and suffered a devastating loss on an NBC game show, all before graduating from high school.


Toiling away as an undergrad at California State University, Northridge, Bradford talked his way into a production assistant gig on a senior thesis film as a freshman and later found himself ghostwriting nonfiction shorts for his first internship then in a position in development with The Mark Gordon Company for his second. Meanwhile, every summer, he continued to run a strawberry stand in the parking lot of a western themed convenience store. Despite this, he graduated, with honors, in under four years.


Bradford flexed his newly minted intelligence by pursuing one of the most depressing careers available, constantly writing new stories and ideas, while his wife earned all the money. He eventually found a gig with TURNT Network, writing a few seasons worth of various docu-series on Amazon Prime.

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